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Mission and Objectives

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To excel in education and research in the field of criminal sciences and criminal justice.


To prepare and train a generation of experts and specialists committed to understanding aspects of crime and justice, and to develop innovative strategies for combating crime and achieving justice.


Research and Innovation: Encourage research and development in various fields of criminal sciences, including the application of technology and data analysis in forensic evidence and criminal behavior science. Aim to develop solutions to new challenges in the field of crime prevention.

Enhance Justice and Safety: Actively contribute to improving criminal justice systems by providing expertise, consultations, and training. Aim to develop new strategies to enhance community safety and achieve justice.

Provide Outstanding Education: Offer specialized, high-quality educational programs in criminal sciences. This includes equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary to work in various areas of crime prevention and criminal justice.

Professional Competence Development: Provide professionals in the field of crime prevention and criminal justice with training and workshops that enhance and develop their professional skills.

Foster Collaboration: Foster collaboration with various institutions such as the police, prosecution, judiciary, and non-governmental organizations to exchange knowledge and achieve common goals in crime prevention and justice.

Policy and Procedure Development: Contribute to the development of policies and procedures related to criminal justice and crime prevention based on scientific research and analysis.

Increase Public Awareness: Raise public awareness of crime and justice issues through awareness campaigns, seminars, and conferences.

Consultation Services: Offer specialized consultation and advice to relevant authorities on crime and justice issues, contributing to improved performance and informed decision-making.