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Mission and Objectives

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Excellence in teaching the arts of management, sound governance, human resources, accounting, and auditing at local, regional, and international levels.


Providing outstanding educational programs for students with the aim of preparing competent graduates in the fields of Business Administration and economics sciences to meet the needs of the local, regional, and international markets, while promoting scientific research and community service for faculty members and students.


Striving to align college programs with the requirements of the local, regional, and global job markets and communities.

Fostering teamwork among students, honing their talents, and enhancing their maturity in addressing existing challenges and decision-making processes to enable them to enter the job market.

Focusing on the educational and social dimensions of the teaching process to develop students’ personalities.

Applying information technology in education and building human experiences to enhance students’ abilities to acquire scientific knowledge and adopt modern teaching and communication methods.

Developing plans for various college programs according to the latest academic systems and the highest standards of quality in higher education.

Encouraging faculty members to contribute to scientific research and publication in all specialized fields of knowledge.

Strengthening the relationship between faculty members and community institutions by working to enhance links and communication with them to contribute to their development and enhancement.