University Housing

The internal system of the university housing:

Student Housing Management Council:
  • It is considered one of the core units of the university, specializing in providing accommodation and care for the enrolled students and it is composed of the following:
  • The Vice President of the University:                                                                                                          Chairman.
  • Two members of the faculties assigned by the President:                                                                     Members.
  • The Director of Student Housing:                                                                                                                Secretary.
  • Two resident students (one male and one female) elected annually by the resident students:     Members.


  • In the event of the absence of the Vice President of the University or any impediment to his attendance, the senior faculty members of the council will replace him.
  • This Council is responsible for proposing the general policies of the University City, including admission criteria and student residence regulations.
  • In case of the end of the term of any elected member, a replacement shall be chosen by vote.
  • The Council shall meet every three months or upon the invitation of the Chairman whenever the need arises.
  • The decisions of the Council shall be communicated to the University President within a maximum of eight days from their issuance date and shall be effective if not objected to within a week from their receipt at the President’s office.
  • The Director of the Student Hosing operates under the supervision of the Vice President of the University and is responsible for managing the dormitories , all its activities, and services, with full financial and administrative authority for the benefit of the University City.
Financial System:
  • The provisions of the University Organization Law and general financial regulations shall apply to matters of expenditure and fees.
  • University Housing shall have an independent fund for service improvement, with its own revenues and expenditures.
  • The financial regulations of the fund, including expenditure procedures and all matters related to accounting, shall be regulated in coordination with the General Financial Director and the Accounts Department.
Student Admission Rules:
  • The following conditions must be met for student admission to the Dorms:
      • Enrolled in the one of the university program.
      • No prior ethical penalties.
      • Being unmarried.
      • Not having been previously expelled from the university houses for any reason.
      • Student accommodation is granted for a period of one year, after which the student must reapply to the council based on the conditions set by the Management Council.
  • Student admission to housing is done annually according to the conditions stipulated in the previous article.
  • The student must submit a residence application using the provided form within the deadlines specified by the Director of the student houses. Failure to submit the application within the specified timeframe results in the loss of the student’s right to apply for housing.
  • Accepted students in the dorm must pay the prescribed fees within ten days from the date of announcement. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of their accommodation rights
  • Student residence in the Dorm at the conclusion of the final academic year exams, and they must vacate their places within three days after the exams conclude.
  • Any student who is absent from the dorm residence for more than fifteen consecutive days without an acceptable excuse shall be dismissed from the city, with no right to a refund of any fees.
  • Students have the right to be absent from the residence by submitting a request to the student houses administration, provided that the absence is justified.
  • Each student shall carry a housing card with their photo affixed, displaying their full name and room number. The card serves as official documentation for the student’s rights.
  • Students are required to pay all due fees, and no refund shall be granted regardless of the number of days they stayed during the months.
  • Student residence in the university houses ends for one of the following reasons:
    1. Completion of studies and exams in the academic year in which the student is enrolled.
    2. A decision by the Chairman of the Management Council of the student houses based on the student’s involvement in unrest or endangering the university city.
    3. Student’s expulsion from the dorm residence due to disciplinary action
Rights and Responsibilities of Resident Students and the Service System:
  • At the beginning of their stay, each student shall be provided with personal belongings and a housing card, and they are responsible for the care and return of these items at the end of the academic year. Students are also responsible for any damage or loss of the provided belongings.
  • The right to residence in the university houses is a personal right that cannot be waived.
  • In case of any service shortcomings within the building, the student has the right to file a complaint with the resident supervisor in the building or with the head of the housing unit to take appropriate action.
  • Students have the right to submit their suggestions for improving services in the residency to the head of the housing unit, who will take appropriate action.
  • Students are required to maintain a peaceful atmosphere and refrain from engaging in any activities that may cause noise or disrupt the rest of other residents.
  • Students are not allowed to leave their rooms for public areas within the building or outside wearing sleepwear. They must wear appropriate clothing when leaving their rooms.
  • The head of the housing unit assigns the room for the student’s residence, and no change or relocation is permitted without prior approval from the head of the housing unit.
  • Students are not allowed to permit anyone, whether from within or outside the dorm to stay in their designated rooms. They are also not allowed to provide room keys to individuals who do not reside in them.
  • Students must adhere to the regulations provided by the administration for entering and exiting the buildings.
  • Female students are not allowed to be absent from their residence without written permission from their legal guardian.
  • Students may submit a written request to the head of the housing unit to terminate their residence. In this case, they must return the provided belongings to the responsible authorities in the housing unit to obtain a clearance certificate, and no refunds will be issued.
  • Students are not allowed to receive visitors in areas not designated for such purposes and only during specified times set by the housing administration. Visits are limited to immediate family members (father, mother, brothers, sisters, etc.).
  • Students are prohibited from placing any stickers or making any alterations to the rooms or furniture in any way.
  • Seminars, meetings, or the distribution of flyers are not allowed without exclusive permission from the administration.
  • Students are not allowed to use electrical appliances or stoves inside the rooms.
  • Students must adhere to proper etiquette when using the facilities of the student houses, especially in restrooms.
  • If a student wishes to stay outside the dorm for any reason, they must inform the resident supervisor in advance through a written request.
  • Upon returning to the residency, the student must notify the resident supervisor.
  • If a student is not present in their room at night without informing the resident supervisor, they will be considered absent without permission, and the specified penalties in the regulations will apply.
Accommodation System for Visitor Delegations and Others:

The Chairman of the Management Council of the student houses has the authority to approve the accommodation of visitor delegations or others in the university city if it does not negatively impact the accommodation of the resident students. This approval is granted for limited periods according to the mission or purpose of the visit. To obtain approval, the entity or individuals wishing to stay must submit a written request at least two weeks before the scheduled stay, specifying the start and end dates, the purpose, and the number of individuals requiring accommodation.

Penalties (Disciplinary System):
  • Any action that violates the disciplinary system includes any action that disrupts the operation of the residency, its laws, and regulations, especially the following:
    1. Failure to adhere to return schedules to the buildings.
    2. Any action that disrupts the residence or the peaceful atmosphere in the buildings.
    3. Using the dorm tools for purposes other than their intended use.
    4. Defacing walls through the use of stickers, writing, or any other means.
    5. Using electrical appliances from outside the dorm for listening, heating, or any other purpose.
    6. Any action that compromises honor, honesty, or dignity.
    7. Damaging furniture or public facilities within the housing units.
    8. Distributing flyers, forming groups, or holding meetings without prior approval from the administration.
    9. Hosting individuals from outside the building.
    10. Wearing inappropriate clothing.
    11. Creating noise in sleeping rooms.
    12. Neglecting room cleanliness or disposing of waste in improper places.
    13. Possession of weapons of any kind.
    14. Use of drugs or alcohol.
    15. Smoking inside rooms or hookahs.
    16. Having individuals who are not residents of the dorm.
  • The penalties that may be imposed on students in the university cities are as follows:
    • Warning of temporary suspension from residence in the university city in the case of a first violation.
    • Temporary suspension from residence in the university city (from one week to one month) in the case of a second violation.
    • Permanent suspension from residence in the university student houses in the case of a third violation.
  • The authorities authorized to impose the penalties mentioned in the previous article are as follows:
    • The Director of the residence has the authority to impose the first and second penalties and to propose the third penalty.
    • The Chairman of the Management Council has the authority to impose all three penalties.
    • The dorm Disciplinary Committee has the authority to impose all penalties.
    • The University President has the authority to approve all penalties.

The Disciplinary Committee of the student houses is formed as follows:

    • An academic appointed by the Chairman of the Management Council annually as the committee’s chairman.
    • The Director of Services/Housing in the university.
    • The Director of the student houses.
    • One of the members of the university’s legal affairs management serves as the secretary of the committee, and the decisions of the disciplinary committees are approved by the Chairman of the Management Council.

  • The disciplinary penalty decision is recorded in the student’s file, and the student’s guardian is notified.
  • These regulations come into effect on the date of approval by the University Council.