Vision, mission and objectives


Institutional Excellence and Continuous Learning.


To enrich the community with highly competent professional and academic expertise by offering distinguished scientific programs through interactive methods and contemporary means. Our mission is driven by a commitment to enhance collaboration and partnerships with relevant entities and institutions with shared interests.


  1. Prepare outstanding professional and academic individuals in various fields of knowledge, science, technology, and thought to enrich human civilization and expand the horizons of human knowledge. Contribute to achieving economic and social development in Syria and the world by providing a high level of knowledge and skills that align with the advancement of global science, technology, and civilization.
  2. Promote and participate in scientific research and various studies that contribute to scientific and technological progress, especially those aimed at finding solutions to various issues facing scientific, economic, and social development in Syria and the world.
  3. Develop research methods, teaching methods, and teaching principles, including the development and translation of university educational materials and the establishment of necessary research laboratories.
  4. Contribute to qualification, training, and continuous education programs.
  5. Cultivate students’ scientific personalities, nurture their love for work, and instill values that contribute to building a unified society.
  6. Guide students towards optimal choices for their future activities.
  7. Encourage cultural, social, and sports activities.
  8. Strengthen cultural and scientific ties with Arab and international universities and scientific organizations.
  9. Achieve the highest level of interaction between the university and the community, including scientific, economic, and social institutions.
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