Who Are We?

The IUSR (formerly known as the International University for Rescue) is a private, non-profit educational institution that provides integrated education through both direct and online learning. It was registered in the state of Texas, USA, in March 2017 and is tax-exempt. It was granted the authority to operate in northern Syria (Azaz city) by the interim Syrian government on April 17, 2017.

The university offers diverse and internationally accredited educational programs, totaling 24, which cater to market demands and students’ preferences. It provides an empowering educational environment characterized by respect for values and cultural differences. The university is committed to equal opportunities in admission and employment, without discrimination based on race, color, gender, religion, national origin, age, or disability. Additionally, it adheres to quality standards to elevate the university to the ranks of successful universities in our Arab, regional, and international surroundings.

The university has enrolled 3472 students from various areas of liberated northern Syria, the majority of whom were students who had been unable to continue their education due to the ongoing conflict. The university offers education to all students at a nominal cost. Furthermore, the university provides free education to 5% of students with humanitarian conditions, including:

  • Widows of martyrs and detainees and their children.
  • Persons with disabilities.
  • Injured individuals who are unable to work.
  • Internally displaced persons.

The number of students has increased ten folds since its establishment, from 150 to 1,500 students in 2023. The gender ratio is 40:60, with 40% female students and 60% male students. In just five years, the university achieved international recognition in accreditation and the quality of education. According to the 2023 Webometrics.info world university ranking, the university is ranked first among the 13 universities in liberated northern Syria. In Syria, it is ranked 28 out of 43 universities, and globally, it is ranked 9,952 out of 31,277 universities.

Notable Achievements:

  • The university is the first private university to be licensed in northern Syria and ranks third in terms of the number of students, following Aleppo and Idlib government universities.
  • In the academic year 2022/2023, the distribution of students by educational programs was as follows: 49% in health and medical sciences, 27% in engineering programs, 14% in business administration and economics, and 10% in various humanities programs.
  • The university has established scientific cooperation agreements with international universities, including the University of Missouri in the United States, the University of Khartoum, and several other Sudanese universities, and recently with the University of Coragada in Bosnia. Currently, the university is actively working towards signing cooperation agreements with several Turkish universities.
  • Furthermore, the university has signed memoranda of understanding with several hospitals to train students from medical colleges and institutes. It also operates a virtual learning platform, which enables students to pursue their education remotely, a crucial feature given the circumstances of the ongoing conflict.
  • IUSR has now a new Campus built recently 2023) in Azaz with a capacity of more than 5000 students and a university Hospital with a capacity of 120 patients.
  • Due to the good reputation that the IUSR has, the financial and human capabilities,, and the multiple scientific programs, approximately 2,000 students have already registered during this new academic year (2023/2024).
  • More than 6 academic master’s programs have been launched during the last three years.

Our Educational Staff:

The IUSR boasts some of the best educational personnel in Northern Syria, individuals who have earned a sterling reputation for elevating the standards of education in the region’s universities. The number of teaching staff at the university correlates with the number of students admitted to various colleges and institutes. The teaching staff comprises of the following:

32 with a Bachelor’s degree, 10 with a Diploma, 31 with a Master’s degree and 28 with PhDs

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