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Mission and Objectives

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To lead in the field of education and the provision of advanced therapeutic services in the specialty of dental prosthodontics and dental implantology.


To achieve excellence in both theoretical and clinical education in the field of dental prosthodontics through comprehensive educational programs, clinical training, and scientific research. Additionally, to offer comprehensive prosthodontic treatments.


Train students in essential skills for treatment planning in the field of dental implantology, fixed and removable prosthodontics, as well as maxillofacial prosthetics.

Instill in students an understanding of the importance of maintaining oral and dental health following prosthodontic treatments.

Equip students with contemporary theoretical foundations and practical approaches in dental prosthodontics that align with the requirements of the job market.

Foster professional and ethical behavior, as well as communication skills, in students. This should be based on analytical thinking and a commitment to ongoing self-improvement.