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To be a leader and excel in educating students with the knowledge and skills necessary to work in network systems and information security.


To prepare competent technicians capable of meeting the needs of the job market, public institutions, and all sectors of science and technology (public, private, and mixed) in the field of information security and network security. This is achieved through consultation, design, and implementation in the fields of computer networks and information technology.


Graduate highly educated technical professionals who possess the understanding and knowledge required to secure and develop computer networks, with ongoing support and development of these professionals after graduation.

Continuously update the curriculum to keep pace with scientific advancements, aligning it with the demands of the job market. This is achieved by providing a suitable environment for both theoretical and practical instruction using the latest tools and devices, and adhering to global quality standards and academic accreditation.

Provide academic consultancy in the fields of computer network security and its applications, especially to meet the market’s needs and requirements.