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Mission and Objectives

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To prepare modern architects and bridge education with the demands of the job market.


To prepare outstanding students capable of assuming responsibility and efficiently managing projects, enabling them to become specialists in areas related to building design, analysis, urban planning, and urban design.


Tailoring the college curriculum to align with contemporary scientific and technological advancements to meet the market’s demand for qualified architectural engineering professionals.

Preparing scientifically and practically qualified individuals for employment in various fields of construction, development, urban planning, and the rehabilitation of old cities.

Continuously equipping students with the latest knowledge and technologies to enable them to pursue advanced studies.

Combining theoretical intellectual aspects with practical and technical aspects of architectural sciences to prepare them according to market requirements and enable them to face challenges and competition.

Cultivating students’ creative abilities and motivating them to engage in research and innovation.

Developing, energizing, and advancing scientific research, seminars, and lectures within the college and its departments.