First – General Scholarship: The University’s Board of Trustees issues a decision at the beginning of each academic year specifying the value of the general scholarship for all students at the university.

Second – Special Scholarship: Newly admitted students who are accepted based on the general comparison and direct registration rules at the beginning of each academic year will be granted a special scholarship on tuition fees after considering the general scholarship, as detailed in the following table:


No. Beneficiary Category Scholarship Percentage Conditions for Eligibility
1 Wives and Children of Martyrs 25% Provide a certificate of martyrdom for the father from the civil registry, authenticated by the local council.
2 Wives and Children of Detainees 25% Provide a detainee certificate, authenticated by the local council and the court.
3 Persons with Special Needs 50% The disability percentage must be 50% or more based on a medical examination result by the committee appointed by the university.
4 Siblings and Spouses 20% Provide a copy of the family book or a family registration statement.
5 Forced Internally Displacement   25% Provide a residence permit from the local council along with a copy of the personal ID.
6 Employees of IUSR, their Wives, and Children 25%   The employee must be from the administrative or academic staff, either appointed or contracted on a full-time basis.

Conditions for Obtaining Financial Scholarships:

A – To benefit from special scholarships, it is required to submit a special scholarship application to the Students’ Affairs Directorate.

B – The student may benefit from the highest scholarship if they are eligible for multiple special scholarships.

C – The student benefits from the percentage of the special scholarship from the tuition fees after deducting the general scholarship provided to all new students accepted for the academic year 2023/2024.

D – Administrative annual fees are not included by any of the previous scholarships.