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Mission and Objectives

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The Pharmacy Institute aims to be a scientific, cultural, and intellectual hub that positively impacts the current society.


To prepare medical professionals responsible for managing pharmaceutical materials, equipped with academic knowledge and practical skills, and capable of meeting the local community’s needs with competent technological outcomes.


Graduates of the institute should be able to work in the following areas:

Various pharmacies, being capable of reading medical prescriptions, preparing and dispensing medications, as well as classifying and organizing them in the pharmacy under the supervision of a pharmacist.

Pharmaceutical laboratories, where they assist chemists in preparing medications, supervising, monitoring, and controlling the production lines, and conducting laboratory preparations for testing and analysis.

Factories producing medical, chemical, cosmetic, and injectable products
under the supervision of pharmacists or chemists.

Drug stores, dispensaries, and pharmaceutical warehouses, where they can perform all stages of storage, classification, and organization.

Operate and maintain pharmaceutical equipment such as grinding, compression, and tablet coating machines.