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Excellence in Teaching Advanced Laboratory Techniques and Diagnostic Laboratory Methods.


The Laboratory Institute strives to graduate outstanding students through the teaching of advanced laboratory techniques and diagnostic laboratory methods.


Preparing graduates with high scientific and technical skills in the field of medical analysis, capable of providing high-quality diagnostic medical services.

Preparing graduates capable of developing, selecting, and evaluating techniques and methods used in medical analysis according to international standards.

Qualifying graduates in advanced laboratory diagnostic areas such as molecular biology-based tests, genetic and gene tests, early detection of cancers and viral diseases, as well as advanced immunological and serological tests.

Preparing a graduate who possesses sufficient knowledge and awareness of the importance of implementing and activating quality control and quality assurance systems in medical laboratories.

Contributing to the development of scientific and health research in the region and opening up new perspectives and concepts in scientific research, and equipping modern laboratories that rely on modern technology in medical analysis and early laboratory diagnosis.

Preparing a graduate committed to the etiquette and ethics of professional and healthcare work, preserving the confidentiality and privacy of patient-related data and information concerning the healthcare institution to which they belong.