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Mission and Objectives

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To lead in the production and delivery of media and news content, and to work towards enhancing political, cultural, and social understanding at both the local and global levels.


To improve the editing and dissemination of news to people and reach a better understanding of the political, cultural, and social roles of journalism in the local region and worldwide.


Master the skills of reporting and writing, and excel in the technical aspects of both traditional and digital media.

Empower students to construct necessary news pieces in the realm of multimedia, edit news narratives and articles, present them effectively, and communicate with editors.

Learn techniques for conducting meaningful interviews, gathering notable information, and writing compelling, clear, and organized articles.

Deeper understanding in prominent subject areas, such as politics, international security, environmental issues, and global regions.

Develop curricula for ethical journalism and professional marketing and communication programs, assisting these professions in business, developmental management, and consulting fields, as they require persuasive and accurate article writing and editing.