University President's Message

The International University for Sciences and Renaissance (IUSR) is a non-profit private institute of higher education dedicated to providing high-quality educational services in accordance with internationally recognized standards. We offer a diverse range of programs and specializations in the fields of medical, engineering, and humanities sciences. We are committed to employing the best available talent within our educational environment and leveraging international expertise to enhance the educational process.

We believe in a collaborative approach, both internally and externally, and are keen to establish scientific, professional, and social cooperation with government institutions, local and international civil society organizations. We welcome any effort, advice, and consultation from institutions, individuals, and those interested in higher education.

The university also aims to develop its policies based on the market’s need for professionals who possess specialized knowledge and technical skills in unique fields of work. This approach ensures that its graduates are well-prepared to enter the job market equipped with the latest technologies that support the knowledge and sciences they have acquired during their academic journey. Furthermore, the university instills in its graduates a culture of lifelong learning and self-improvement even after their graduation from the university

dr.mustafa darwesh

PhD. Mustafa Darwish

President of the International University of Science and Renaissance