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Mission and Objectives

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Excellence in enhancing individual and societal well-being through promoting awareness and constructive action using the best counseling methods.


Providing exceptional educational programs and supplying the job market with professionals to serve the community.


Designing and implementing specialized counseling and social plans for dealing with people in times of crises and conflicts, including war.

Offering counseling and social services to all segments of society.

Preparing qualified human and professional resources with knowledge, skills, and values to work in social work fields.

Conducting individual interviews and case studies for students in schools and special education centers.

Community counseling.

Family counseling.

Organizing informative workshops and seminars that address students’ needs.

Collaborating with relevant institutions to organize meaningful events at the university.

Conducting surveys on topics related to students’ needs, such as awareness of drug dangers and behavioral issues among university students.

Organizing field visits to institutions related to psychological and social services.