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Recognizing the importance of establishing correct legal concepts that align with human development, this development requires contemporary individuals to have knowledge and awareness of their rights and the responsibilities placed upon them. This enables them to effectively contribute to the development and progress of the state to which they belong, while overcoming the obstacles it faces. All of this will positively impact the stability of society and its adherence to legal regulations that treat all individuals equally, without discrimination or exclusion.


Societies should embrace respect for the law and its adherence, making it a reference point for all members of society. Resorting to the courts should be a viable option in cases of rights infringement, abuse, or actions contrary to public rights. This fosters a cohesive and solid society without differentiation between individuals based on color, race, religion, social status, or affiliation. It makes everyone feel they belong to a nation or a state that shelters all its citizens.


The objectives of the College of Law are based on preparing a generation that adheres to the law and constitutional regulations in its various dealings. Freedom of thought, expression, and assembly should be protected and available to all without discrimination. This leads to the spread of awareness in society and a reduction in the prevalence of crimes, violations, or transgressions that negatively affect nation-building.
Furthermore, our aim is to make a legal professional a role model among their peers due to their knowledge, expertise, and clear commitment to legal principles. The rule of law, which various nations are currently striving for, represents the pinnacle of societal development. In such a society, individuals are respected regardless of their background, and equal opportunities are provided, eradicating authoritarian and dictatorial ideologies. The community looks towards the future with clear and sound steps built upon understanding, freedom, justice, and equality.