Discussion of graduation projects for students of the College of Health Sciences, Laboratory Department

Sep 19, 2023 | Graduation Projects, Graduation Projects Faculty of Health Sciences, news

A group of students from the College of Health Sciences, Laboratory Department, discussed their graduation projects in the presence of the university president, Dr. Mustafa Al-Darwish, and the university secretary, Dr. Yasser Abdulwahab.

The students’ graduation projects focused on specialized medical research that contributes to solving some of the health problems relevant to our local community. The project discussion committee included the following professors:

  1. Dr. Abbas Al-Sheikh (Dean of the College of Health Sciences) as the committee chair.
  2. Dr. Alaa Zidan as a committee member.
  3. Dr. Abdulrahman Darwish as a committee member.
  4. Dr. Hussam Ali as a committee member and secretary.

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